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 Let's Live Well website engagement will promote The HealthWell Life. We will bring you custom created content and be your portal to the most compelling content and research on and offline. The products and services shared will be relevant to wellness in all aspects of life helping you: be well, eat well, save well, shop well, travel well, look well, work well and more!

Dear Website Guest,

We are a family of Health-Focused Individuals who understand health and wellness can be a challenging yet rewarding journey whether you are in a mode of: prevention, maintenance, or remediation. Based on genetic and unique health challenges we've personally experienced and overcame, we are passionate about our purpose to Live Well and help others do the same.

We've have fought, mitigated and won against hereditary heart disease, unique autoimmunity disease, chronic migraine headaches, mental health challenges and more through diligence and intentionality. Yes, we are personally invested in the health and wellness journey which fuels our passion.

What we bring to the table:

  • Abundant research and best practices discovered on our personal health quests
  • Personal direct insights from doctors, psychologist, social workers and others in the mental and physical health professions who are in our close network
  • Over 25 years of executive level experience in the financial services industry, expertise and understanding of managing financial wellness with a Bachelors Degree in Finance
  • Over 20 years of executive level leadership of large teams, expertise and understanding of managing work-life balance with an Masters Degree in Global Business Management
  • A Georgia Tech Student who is technologically savvy, and brings out the good in using technology to reduce stress in life
  • A graduate with at Bachelor of Science Degree in Merchandising who understand product research and positioning


We are excited to share what we have learned, will continue to learn, and bring you direct insights from top health professionals and organizations to create an engaging health and wellness shopping experience. When we research and bring you informative articles on key topics we will provide our unique commentary based on our experiences and those in our massive network. So come on, LET'S LIVE WELL!

Healthy regards,

The Let's Live Well Team