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A Better Digestive Health with Probiotics and Superfoods

Our hectic stressful lifestyles create imbalanced side effects from poor diet, lack of exercise and sleep—disturbing the healthy bacteria balance in our guts leading to poor digestive health. Furthermore, it is now a well established fact that at least 50% or more of our immune system may be dependent upon a healthy digestive tract and optimal gut health.

Our entire digestive health system is balanced by a complex ecosystem of helpful and harmful bacteria. Consequently, when the harmful bacteria take over, it can lead to: gastrointestinal discomfort, a low performing immune system, trouble losing weight, and stress that may increase intestinal permeability. Especially relevant, increased intestinal permeability may lead to undigested food, bacteria and toxins getting into our blood stream. This can cause more stress and fatigue in your body and can send wrong signals to your brain—making you think you are still hungry when you’re already full.

Maintaining a healthy balance of beneficial flora and fauna in our digestive tract is linked to improved immune response, better metabolism, greater energy, and even weight loss. In conclusion, probiotics and good nutrition can help restore that balance.

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90 caplets

PhysIQ ProBio provides 6 Billion CFUs of healthy bacteria using BIO-tract® and Wellmune® to support optimal digestion and immune system function.

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It’s hard to believe that we welcomed Vitality StackTM to the family less than a year ago. We created it with a simple goal in mind: to give biohackers an easy entry point into improving their health. Nobody else in the industry was offering, and we’d never been one to shy away from first. So we launched. Just a few months later, we knew we had a good product on our hands. Testimonials from customers started to pour in. The press started to take notice. And LifeVantage further positioned itself as a pioneer in the biohacker revolution.

Fast forward just a few more months, and Vitality Stack still continues to make waves, receiving a Bronze Stevie® for Best New Product or Service of the Year in the Health and Pharmaceuticals category as part of the 2018 International Business Awards®.†

We don’t want to brag, but maybe we will for just a second. The International Business Awards® are a big deal. They’re open to all organizations worldwide and include categories to honor accomplishments in all aspects of work life. This year alone, over 3,900 nominations came in from more than 74 countries around the world. Judging takes two months.

The award is an amazing recognition for Vitality Stack. But in a way, it confirms what we’ve known all along. It’s an incredible product that does some pretty incredible things. More than the award or the recognition, what gets us most excited is the impact Vitality Stack is making for so many people. It’s making biohacking so much more accessible for people who want to start improving their health.*

In case you want to follow along, Vitality Stack will be officially receiving the award in London, England on October 20th. You can learn more about the award and the ceremony here.

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*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

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