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Be Well – Water and Better Health

Half Full – More Water Needed – While eating healthy, more exercise and better sleep are usually on the agenda for lots of us, we want to talk about a topic that might fly under the radar: More Water. That’s Click here to read more

Try this Protein-packed Substitute

Protein-packed Substitute Cottage Cheese is Having a Moment (BPT) – Cottage cheese is having a moment. Nutritionists and health-minded individuals have discovered that the dairy case staple can actually unlock a lot of mealtime solutions. Especially when it comes to Click here to read more

Boomers: 10 Reasons to Go Nuts

Eat Well Anti-Aging Nutrients (BPT) – For the roughly 75 million Americans who make up the baby boom generation, a healthy diet and lifestyle are the best weapons against age-related diseases. Check out these anti-aging nutrients. “It’s vital at any Click here to read more

Avocado Breakfast Pizza

Healthy Breakfast Recipes Bored with your current breakfast options? Find healthy breakfast recipes. Believe it or not, homemade pizzas are becoming a healthy alternative to cereal or eggs. Sure, the leftover store-bought pizza from the night before may be a Click here to read more

Food for Thought: Omega 3s and Your Brain

Omega 3s Insights You probably think of your brain as one organ, that graphic you see of squiggly grey matter. However, many different structures and networks make up your brain. And, they all function both independently from and interdependently with Click here to read more

Health & Nutrition Experts Praise Vital Choice

Dr. Christiane Northrup

"I've been recommending Vital Choice Seafood for many years now. I have never doubted the integrity of the people running the company because I know them."

Dr. Nicholas Perricone

" is my favorite source for wild Alaskan salmon, sablefish, sardines, and other fish rich in omega-3s. I can't tell you how many messages I get from people thanking me for recommending Vital Choice."

Dr. William Sears

"I am very picky about what I feed my family. The seafood and salmon oil capsules that Vital Choice carries are extremely healthy and tasty. Many patients in our pediatric practice have ordered seafood and other products from and they have been very pleased."

Dr. Andrew Weil

"I was pleased to see that the integrity of your business is a reflection of your own personal commitment to 'right livelihood' and your concern for the precious and pristine nature of the region."

Dr. Joseph Mercola

"After research that included my testing the salmon through an independent lab, and of course tasting the salmon in a variety of recipes, I can now confidently and enthusiastically recommend the Vital Choice brand of wild red salmon to you!"

Dr. Stephen Sinatra

"I recommend Vital Choice—my personal favorite for delicious, fresh, healthy, and completely safe canned tuna and salmon. Both the tuna and the salmon are unlike anything you've seen from the grocery store—they don't look dry, chopped up and over-processed, what you see is more like an actual fillet."